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Editorial Policy and Code of Conduct


Credible Journalism

Without trust, there is no journalism. As a credible, respected and trusted news provider, the trust of our readers is at the centre of all our work. The Staff must exhibit the highest level of integrity and professionalism to ensure the trust of our readers will never waver.


Media Mulia Sdn Bhd editorial policy and code of conduct are guided by the Company’s mission statement, mission and corporate values.

Mission Statement

A media and digital company that is progressive, dynamic, trustworthy and respected and aims to develop a well-informed and knowledgeable society


A media company that is based on universal values, stresses on high performance and excellence work culture, innovative, adaptive and sensitive towards the current needs and changes of the society


Integrity – Honest, Ethical and Trustworthy

Professionalism – Work culture that is guided towards excellence

Accountability – Responsible and discipline in all our actions

People-Friendly – Our priorities are the readers, customers and society at large

Who is bounded by this policy?

All editorial staff and those who are involved in the production of the newspapers (the Staff) – Utusan Malaysia, Mingguan Malaysia, Kosmo! and Kosmo! Ahad and all digital assets – are bounded by the code of conduct and editorial policy. Our appointed stringers are also bounded by the same code of ethics.

Editorial Policy

News Reporting

    • The Staff will do their utmost to ensure that all reports are fair and objective.
    • The Staff will do their utmost to perform the necessary fact-checking to ensure all reports are accurate.
    • The Staff will observe all laws of the country in executing their duties without sacrificing the quality, trust of the readers and integrity of the newspapers.
    • The Staff will protect children as prescribed by the laws of the country. The names and identities of children accused in the courts will be protected.
    • Children who are victims of crimes will be protected.
    • In the event there is a requirement to publish the names of a child, it will be evaluated based on a case to case basis like in the case of a missing child. The Editors will make the necessary evaluation.
    • The Staff will respect and uphold the constitution and the founding spirit of the country.
    • The Staff will respect the diversity of the country.
    • The Staff have the social responsibility to report any criminal act or practices which will impact the society. The reports must be fair and balance and will not target any parties.
    • The Staff will protect their sources but will perform the utmost to verify the information.
    • The Staff and Media Mulia will not pay for information given by any sources.
    • Media Mulia will quote anonymous sources as some individuals may not want their names to be published.
    • As a media company, Media Mulia should be given the right to provide differing views and opinions as part of a dynamic democratic country. At the same time, we will not promote extremism or promote any act of crimes.

No gift policy

  • Malaysia has a very strict and comprehensive Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Act 2009 and Anti-Money Laundering Act.
  • Media Mulia Sdn Bhd and all staff are bounded by the MACC Act. We do not condone and tolerate any act of corruption as prescribed in the country’s laws.
  • In this regard, Media Mulia Sdn Bhd observes a strict no gift policy for all staff.
  • The Staff must not be rewarded in any form for any news report whether in cash or in kind to prevent biasness and unfair reporting.
  • The Staff are prohibited from soliciting cash or any kind of gratification including in the form of entertainments, private dinners, karaoke sessions, sponsored trips, or the likes which may influence their reporting.
  • External parties are prohibited from giving any kind of incentives (cash and/or in kind) to the Staff to gain coverage or to seek any favours.
  • The Staff, however, are allowed to attend official functions and events.
  • The Staff must report to the Management when they receive any form of gratification, money or gifts and the Management will expedite the return of the gifts to the senders.
  • If the Staff had requested for any form of gratification, please forward the details of the solicitation to with the complete details to allow the Management to perform the necessary inquiry.

Financial Reporting

  • The Staff must not report on companies that they have shareholding, interest or shares.
  • The Staff must not share any private and confidential information gained from their work with external parties.

The use of the language

  • We will use the standard Bahasa Melayu language
  • We will not use languages and words which will offend our readers. Editors will decide accordingly the use of certain words when quoted in stories. The newspapers must be allowed to use words to best describe the news.


It is our responsibility to provide accurate information to the readers. In the event of any errors, Media Mulia will take the steps to make the necessary correction as soon as possible and make the necessary apology.

The errors including the articles printed/published dates, will be clearly stated in the correction/clarification or in the revised digital copy on all platforms.

Complaints on errors

To complain to Media Mulia about any errors and request for correction, write to by giving these details.

  • The title and date of the publication.
  • The errors in the articles.
  • The correction requested.
  • Only individuals who are directly involved in the errors can make the complaint.

As a media organisation we respect differing opinions, complaints related to differing views will not be entertained.

Media Mulia will continue to enhance its editorial policy and code of conduct from time to time to reflect our unwavering commitment to our readers.